"The  Castel Hill"  - Andlau



This ancient Grand Cru vineyard, first planted in Roman times, boasts an especially complex Blue Schist soil unique in Alsace and which is perfect for the production of great Riesling.


From old vines growing on terraces in the very heart of the Grand Cru this wine is bone dry and utterly classic Riesling ‎that will age for 10 years, longer even. Yields are extremely low here, the resultant concentration and clarity are dazzling.

VARIETY : Riesling




SOIL : The Kastelberg is unique the vineyard in Alsace vineyard established blue schist. This rock has been metamorphosed by granite, outcropping on the upper part of the site, into very hard,dark-coloured hornfels, made up of quartz, mica and chlorite. The soil is hence very stony and well-drained.


VINEYARD : This 50 years old vineyard is located on the northern outskirts of the town of Andlau. The Kastelberg extends over a small hillock, its steep slopes exposed to the south,at an altitude ranging from 240 to 300 metres.



First planted with vines during the Roman occupation, the Kastelberg of Andlau is one of the oldest vineyard sites in Alsace. A document dating from as early as 1064 mention the production of fine wines.



The charm of our Riesling Alsace Grand Cru Kastelberg lies in its elegance its virility, and its delicate, discreet bouquet. Tight, mineral and lemony with good acidity. Really mineral and fresh with a pithy, taut character. Bone dry.. This wine exhibits a great length and potential.


AGEING POTENTIAL : 20-25 years


WINE & FOOD : frill of fish with crushed tomato and peppermint, Comté, refined Chèvre cheeses...